The Conference will be held from October 31 –  November 3, 2024 at the Hotel MERIDIANA DJERBA 4* 

The venue of the conference according to the following rates: Prices are in Tunisian Dinar (TND) (with VAT included) per night and per person. Participants will benefit of the same prices if they arrive one day before the conference or they will leave one day after the conference.

Conference participants are advised to reserve hotel rooms well in advance (by sending back this form before 20 October 2024 to, as rooms cannot be guaranteed after October 30, 2024.

Payment of accommodation fees will be at desk (at the hotel during the conference) with the current rate.

Arrival to Airport

Upon arrival at Djerba-Zarzis International Airport, take a 10-minute taxi ride to the conference hotel located at the center of Djerba. 

The local currency is the Tunisian Dinar

The Dinar (Arabic : دينار, French: Dinar,TND) is the currency of Tunisia. The abbreviation DT is often used in Tunisia, although writing “dinar” after the amount is also acceptable (TND is less colloquial, and tends to be used more in financial circles);

1 Euro = 3.37 TND // 1 TND = 0,30 Euro
1 USD = 3.04 TND // 1 TND = 0,33 USD


Djerba, the stunning island located off the southern coast of Tunisia, provides the perfect setting for an engaging scientific conference. With its golden sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and tranquil atmosphere, Djerba offers an inspiring environment for intellectual exchanges and enriching academic discussions. The island’s cultural richness, infused with Phoenician, Roman, and Arab influences, adds a unique dimension to any conference experience. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore Djerba’s fascinating historical sites, such as the Ghazi Mustapha Tower and the Guellala Museum, which offer insightful perspectives for researchers and scholars. Additionally, the warm hospitality of Djerba’s inhabitants and the delightful Tunisian cuisine will delight participants, providing them with a memorable experience both professionally and personally. In summary, organizing a scientific conference in Djerba promises to be a stimulating and rewarding experience for all attendees.