OMV Aktiengesellschaft

OMV produces and markets oil and gas, as well as chemical solutions, in a responsible manner and develops innovative solutions for a circular economy. In the field of chemicals and materials, OMV, with its subsidiary Borealis, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced and circular polyolefin solutions, and a European market leader in basic chemicals, fertilizers and mechanical plastics recycling.


Advance tec is a Tusian Company which anticipated the trend of technical and educational research and responded to it with one of the most complete solutions on the current market.

With a strategic partnerships with some of the largest educational materials and printed circuit board companies in the world, our competent engineers and technicians, as well as our global development kit


Egas is a Tunisian company specializing in the sale of industrial parts, mainly  representing the OMRON, Farnell and Murata brands.